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Language Arts

The overall goal of the Kindergarten Language Arts Curriculum is to assist students in the understanding of both the spoken and written word.  Most students, at this stage of their education career, have some knowledge of the alphabet and how it works so this curriculum strives to strengthen that knowledge by giving them the opportunity to see how the sounds of the language work together.  It provides those students with reading and writing experience to experiment with more information and enhance their prior knowledge, and it provides those students who are just becoming readers and writers the information to begin their exploration.  We assist all students to focus on, not only the actual “learning” portion of Language Arts, but also on the joy of learning to read and write – because with the knowledge of reading and writing – comes the “key” that will unlock all doors to learning and a vast imagination.


The overall goal, in Kindergarten, focuses on two critical areas.  The first is representing, relating and operating on whole numbers, initially with sets of objects.  The second is describing shapes and space.  More learning time is devoted to the concept of numbers to ensure that all parts are understood. Students will attain these concepts through a series of events; i.e., practiced exercises, teacher presentation/class discussion and demonstration.  We also employ the use of games and drill exercises, along with cooperative learning.  Learning is assessed through chapter test and role play.


The purpose of the Kindergarten Religion Program is to assist students to know God and Jesus and to celebrate his life and teachings.  They will also learn the primary aspects of the Church and appropriate behavior in God’s house.  The students will obtain this knowledge through different methods such as group projects (large and small), hands on activities, role-playing, prayers, songs and games and attending Mass.


Science is a subject that encourages the students to explore, experiment and discover.  It also nurtures a love and respect for our world and all living things.  Through our experiments and exploration, we hope for the children to attain some insight and understanding about their world and themselves by sharpening their senses and contributing to their total development. The children will gather their knowledge through play, experiments, exploration and their own senses.  Activities will foster questions and observations and will stimulate the children to further explore.

Social Studies

The purpose of our History/Social Science Program is to develop an understanding of the world we live in and how we've arrived at the place we are in today.  The program fosters an awareness, appreciation, and respect for our American heritage and for our ancestry and how it all works together.  The program instills a knowledge of our world and its diversity and shows us that working together earns us the right to be citizens of the world through our knowledge.