PreKindergarten, 3 years old

The goal of the Three Year Old curriculum is to provide opportunities for total learning through consideration of all areas of development; spiritual, emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and creative.  The curriculum is developed to meet the needs of the preschoolers in all of these areas using hands-on activities, while keeping the whole child in mind in order to develop self-confidence and self-esteem as they learn to navigate the world around them.

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Language Arts

The overall goal of the Three Year Old Language Arts program is to lead students to understand the makeup of the spoken and written word.  Students are introduced to the alphabet and how it works.  They are provided with an introduction to how the sounds of our language work together.  Students are provided with early reading and writing experiences in which they can be successful.  We help students to focus, not only on the importance of learning, but also the joy that learning brings.


The goal of the Three Year Old Mathematics program is to introduce students to the foundations of mathematical understanding and the basic skills necessary to begin a lifelong learning of mathematical concepts. Students will learn numbers 1 through 10 and beyond if able. Using manipulatives, they will learn to solve simple addition and subtraction problems. Students will begin to learn shapes and recognizing patterns. Books, math games, and math manipulatives will be used to reinforce money concepts, counting and one to one correspondence.  They will count on the calendar each day and then to the 100th day of school to reinforce rote counting. 

Social Studies

The overall goal of the Three Year Old History and Social Science Program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed in community life and begin development of their civic identity. To accomplish these goals students will be exposed to ordinal vocabulary on a daily basis.  They will hear read aloud stories about holidays, historical times and community helpers.  Students will be active participants in implementing classroom rules and completing classroom jobs.  They will engage in dramatic play to act out appropriate situations and different periods in history.  Students will participate in field trips to observe the community in action.  Holidays will be observed in an educationally appropriate way.


The goal of the Three Year Old Science and Technology program is to provide children with the skills needed to explore, experiment, and discover their world. They will use scientific tools in the correct manner while learning basic concepts to build a foundation in the use of scientific experimentation and exploration. Through this, we hope for children to attain some insight and understanding about their world and themselves by sharpening their senses and contributing to their total development.


The overall goal of the Three Year Old Health Education program is to develop both gross and fine motor skills, and introduce ways to keep safe and healthy. These practices will be accomplished through the use of the “Second Step” program, modeling healthy habits by teachers and aides in the classroom and read aloud books that build on the healthy habits practiced.  Our enrichment program, our early childhood cooking class, Physical Education class, recess time in the school yard and at the local playground will be used to reinforce these concepts as well.  


The goal of the Religion program in the 3 Year Old classroom is to lead students toward a strong healthy relationship with the church community and to introduce rules of morality and a connection to God. They will learn about God’s love for them, identify religious holidays, observe and practice examples of caring for others, and develop a comfort level in church through visits.To accomplish these goals children will participate in daily prayers and discussions about God, do activities on a weekly basis and act out situations in which they can model Christian behavior.

Creative Arts

The overall goal of the Three Year Old Creative Arts program is to develop and sustain natural curiosity, expressiveness, and creativity. These goals will be accomplished through experimentation, exploration and engagement of the senses using many different materials and mediums. Students will also participate in weekly or bi-weekly music and art programs.