PreKindergarten, 4 year old

PreK4 Curriculum

The goal of the four-year-old curriculum is to provide opportunities for total learning through consideration of all areas of development; spiritual, emotional, social, physical, intellectual and creative.  The curriculum is developed to meet the needs of the preschoolers in all of these areas using hands-on activities, while keeping the whole child in mind in order to develop self confidence and self esteem as they learn to navigate the world around them.

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Language Arts

The overall goal of the Kindergarten 1 Language Arts program is to lead students to understand the makeup of the spoken/written word.  Students are introduced to the alphabet and how it works.  They are provided with an introduction to how the sounds of the language work together.  Students are provided with early reading and writing experiences in which they can be successful.  We help students to focus not only on the importance of learning but also the joy that learning brings. To accomplish these goals students will spend time in group activities having the opportunity to experience the role of speaker and listener.  They will engage in play experiences in which they can practice these skills.  They will follow a daily schedule of reading and writing experiences.  Students will learn interactively through the acting out of stories that have been read aloud and the formation of class books that they have authored.  They will be introduced to poetry through age appropriate books and recordings along with finger plays and songs that are learned throughout the year. Assessment will be done through observation of children’s writing and reading skills and leveled assessments as needed.


The goal of the Kindergarten 1 Mathematics program is to introduce students to the foundations of mathematical understanding and the basic skills necessary to begin a lifelong learning of mathematical concepts. To accomplish these goal students will use various materials to count, arrange and practice one to one correspondence.  They will participate in cooking class to practice measurement and deciphering rebus recipes with numbers.  Books will be used to reinforce money concepts, counting and one to one correspondence.  They will count to the 100th day of school to reinforce rote counting.  Math Shelf math activities will be done weekly along with fingerplays, songs and games used to reinforce math concepts.  Assessment will be accomplished using teacher observation and assessment

Social Studies

The overall goal of the Kindergarten 1 History and Social Science Program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed in community life and begin development of their civic identity.To accomplish these goals students will be exposed to ordinal vocabulary on a daily basis.  They will hear read aloud stories about holidays, historical times and community helpers.  Students will be active participants in implementing classroom rules and completing classroom jobs.  They will engage in dramatic play to act out appropriate situations and different periods in history.  Students will participate in field trips to observe the community in action.  Holidays will be observed in an educationally appropriate way.  Assessment will be done through teacher observation and projects based on concepts.


The goal of the PreK 4 Science and Technology program is to provide children with the skills needed to explore, experiment and discover their world and use scientific tools in the correct manner while teaching basic concepts to build a foundation in the use of scientific experimentation and exploration. Through which we hope for children to attain some insight and understanding about their world and themselves by sharpening their senses and contributing to their total development. These goals will be accomplished through the process of hands on exploration of many things.  The children will gather their knowledge through play, experiments, exploration and their own senses. Scientifically accurate books will be read and made available to the students.  Simple experiments will be performed and direct observation of the butterfly’s life cycle and the growth of plants will be used.  Scientific tools will be available for exploration by the students on a daily basis. Activities will foster questions and observations and will stimulate the children to further explore.


The overall goal of the Kindergarten 1 Health Education program is to develop both gross and fine motor skills, and introduce ways to keep safe and healthy. These practices will be accomplished through the use of the “Second Step“ program, modeling healthy habits by teachers and aides in the classroom and read aloud books that build on the healthy habits practiced. Physical Education class and recess time in the school yard and at the local playground will be used to reinforce these concepts.


The goal of the Religion program in the 4 Year Old classroom is to lead students toward a strong healthy relationship with the church community and to introduce rules of morality and a connection to God. They will learn about God’s love for them, identify religious holidays, observe and practice examples of caring for others, and develop a comfort level in church through visits.To accomplish these goals children will participate in daily prayers and discussions about God, do activities on a weekly basis and act out situations in which they can model Christian behavior.