Grade 2 Curriculum

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Language Arts

The overall goal of the Grade 2 Language Arts program is to help students continue to develop reading fluency; which leads to greater comprehension and enjoyment of reading.  They gain the ability to use reading skills and strategies for inquiry and research.  Students will sharpen their reading and writing skills by interacting with literature through continual reading and responding. We help students to focus not only on the importance of learning but also the joy that learning brings. To accomplish these goals the instruction focuses on daily exposure to phonemic awareness activities; continual use of decodable stories which cover phonic as well as reading fluency; daily spelling assignments; All students participate in the daily D.E.A.R. program where they read books for pleasure.  Students are read to on a regular basis and share in whole group and small group reading lessons.  Children write book reports, and give oral presentations.  All students learn the writing process through the John Collins program.


In Grade 2, instructional time focuses on four critical areas: (1) number and operations in base ten; (2) operations and algebraic thinking; (3) measurement and data; and (4) geometry. The skills that were mentioned in the previous pages will be developed through lessons that feature clear, step-by-step visual representations.  Skills are introduced and practiced through varied and graduated exercises.  This can be seen through the pictorial and concrete introductions.  Students will apply strategies they learn to solve and formulate problems of their own.  Moreover, children learn to use critical thinking skills, mental math and logical reasoning to solve problems.


Students will develop an understanding of the Trinity and our relationship with God and Jesus, and have a deepened awareness of the sacraments. Students will develop their morality and faith through: prayers, graphic organizers, text, pictures, songs, and assessment resources, such as reproducible master copies.


Students will continue to gain an understanding of physical, earth, and life sciences. The science curriculum is a comprehensive collection of hands-on experiments, activities, and projects designed to develop scientific literacy in children.  These projects will help children explore the wonders of the world in which they exist.

Social Studies

Grade 2 Social Studies Curriculum at St Theresa of the Child Jesus School is based on the Massachusetts State Frameworks while incorporating the Common Core Standards for literacy in History and Social Studies. The overall goal of the curriculum is to introduce students to topics and skills in the history, government, and economics of the United States. These skills will be integrated with reading, writing, speaking, and numeracy.  Students will also study the political, physical and cultural geography of our land and receive an introduction to world geography as well.  Further, students will explore major events, persons, and institutions throughout our history. Students will explore families and communities, both past and present, from different areas of the country.  Moreover, children will gain an understanding of what the meaning of citizenship is and how to be a positive, contributing member to their communities.