Grade 5 Curriculum

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Language Arts

The overall goal of the fifth grade Language Arts Program is to develop student’s language abilities through spoken and written words. Students will learn to establish good English skills by learning the language of English through various written and spoken exercises. Also, by using the Collins Writing Program, students will establish the confidence to communicate their thoughts and ideas onto paper. To accomplish these goals, grammar and sentence structure will be taught. The teacher will help students understand how a proper sentence fits into a complete paragraph. First, students will understand the relationship between a subject and a verb, by doing subject verb exercises. Then, students will determine which words will compliment the rest of the sentence by adding adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, and nouns. After students construct a complete sentence, they will receive a topic and write a topic sentence. They will use this topic sentence to start a paragraph. Then, students will write supporting sentences, which will support the topic sentence. In addition, the teacher will make sure students’ supporting sentences are coherent and grammatically correct, according to the standards.


The purpose of the St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Fifth Grade Math Program is to provide Fifth grade students some of the most important foundational concepts in middle school math. Emphasis is placed on decimals and fractions and gaining fluency in all four mathematical operations with them. There is more emphasis placed on algebraic thinking as well as geometry, measurement, and data. These concepts and skills are directly related to real-life, everyday situations students will encounter. These skills are taught through the use of manipulatives, drill practice, cooperative learning, problem solving, and lectures. Students also keep a math journal where they must solve math problems and explain their reasoning. Students produce three to four longer pieces of writing using the John Collins Writing Program. The overall goal is to prepare the students for success at the middle school level and beyond in mathematics.


The purpose of the Fifth Grade Religion Curriculum is to teach the principle of Salvation History.  The curriculum allows the students to gain knowledge on the important concepts of our faith: Creation, God, Jesus Christ, The Church, Christian Morality, the Sacraments and Salvation. The Fifth Grade Religion curriculum is taught through the use of various teaching practices and strategies such as: direct instruction, guided reading, reading from the Bible and scripture, class discussion, cooperative learning groups, individualized and special instruction, problem solving, attending Mass and applying faith to everyday situations. Also, students will complete four writing pieces that define and illustrate their catholic faith. They will complete a compare and contrast paper which compares the catholic faith with other prominent faiths. They will also write a narrative piece on how God has worked in their life. Finally, students will construct an analytical and persuasive piece that further describes and proves their faith


In Grade 5, students model, provide evidence to support arguments, and obtain and display data about relationships and interactions among observable components of different systems. By studying systems, Grade 5 students learn that objects and organisms do not exist in isolation and that animals, plants and their environments are connected to, interact with, and are influenced by each other. They study the relationships between Earth and other nearby objects in the solar system and the impact of those relationships on patterns of events as seen from Earth. They learn about the relationship among elements of Earth’s systems through the cycling of water and human practices and processes with Earth’s resources. They also learn about the connections and relationships among plants and animals, and the ecosystems within which they live, to show how matter and energy are cycled through these (building on the theme of grade 4). An ability to describe, analyze, and model connections and relationships of observable components of different systems is key to understanding the natural and designed world.

Social Studies

The Grade 5 Social Studies Curriculum at St. Theresa of the Child Jesus School is based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Social Science, while incorporating the Common Core State Standards for literacy in History and Social Studies. The intention of the Grade 5 curriculum is to give students a solid, core understanding of the early, developmental years of the United States. Students will gain a better understanding of the early Native American civilizations and settlement of North America by European countries through the causes and effects of the Civil War. They will study the settlement and growth of the original thirteen English colonies and the beginnings of democratic ideals. Additionally, students will trace the events that led to the American Revolution and the development of the democratic form of government that we have today.  Students  will also produce 4 processed writing pieces using the John Collins Writing Program.