Kindergarten through 5th Grade Academics

First Grade

The goal and objective of the first-grade classroom is to provide a strong foundation in academic excellence throughout the school year. Goals and objectives vary in subject content presented each day. The subjects taught include: Mathematics (Sadlier-Oxford Progress in Mathematics), The Super Kids Reading Program, John Collins Writing, Science and Social Studies (Pearson), Religion (Sadlier We Believe), phonics, language arts, STEM, handwriting, and poetry. There are numerous supplemental materials used throughout the year as well. They include, manipulatives, CD’s, computer games, videos, and other teaching materials (books). I believe in a culturally responsive classroom atmosphere where all students of different diversities are welcomed and respected. Students have a voice in my classroom.  A daily emphasis in my classroom is learning about how God Our Father loves us and the teachings of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. I believe the first-grade is where students begin to build their strong foundation in academic excellence through hard work, goal setting, and working in positive learning environments by bringing in real-world connections in everyday lessons, teamwork, and building on their strengths. Students learn to problem solve situations presented to them in lessons by working together in small and whole group instruction, peer-tutoring, and other strategies presented in their learning.

Our curriculum has a focus on developing the children’s skills in the area of religion, language arts, math, science and social studies.  The children have daily religion lessons, attend Mass monthly, and have monthly visits from one of the parish priests.  The children use a program called Raz Reading, which is an online based reading program that the children can access from school and home.  We also utilize the John Collin’s Writing program, which guides the children in the writing process.  In addition, we will be learning to write in cursive. The Progress in Mathematics program is designed to provide step by step instruction that will lead to conceptual understanding of problem solving and strategic thinking.  Throughout the year, the children have practice in place value, word problems, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, measurement, fractions and data collections. The children use Pearson Interactive Science curriculum, which offers engaging learning.  Also, there are many STEM activities that are done in the class during the school year.  For social studies, the children learn all about their home state of Massachusetts, using the Massachusetts text book.  Also, the children research a president to present to the class.  Scholastic News is also used for current events news articles for science and social studies. My educational philosophy is one that encourages each student to work hard, to demonstrate responsible work habits and organizational skills on a consistent basis while having a positive and respectful attitude towards all. 

Third Grade

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